Contract Addresses Boba/Moonbeam
A collection of links and addresses to get started on Boba-Moonbeam

Bobabase L2 (1297) for the Moonbase Testnet (1287)

Testnet Fountain for Developers on Bobabase L2

There is a Bobabase testnet fountain for BOBA. Authentication is via Twitter - please go to the gateway and connect your MetaMask wallet to the Bobabase L2. In gateway > wallet, you will see the Developer Twitter/Turing test token fountain. This system uses Turing hybrid compute to interact with Twitter.


The standard bridges for GLMR (aka DEV on Moonbase) and BOBA are active, so you can can both bridge and exit GLMR and BOBA from Moonbase to Bobabase and back. The exit delay (the fraud proof window) has been set to 5 minutes (it's normally 7 days) to make development easier.

Analytics and eth_getLogs

If you have unusual getLogs needs, especially calls from 0 to latest, the main RPC will block you, since this is how most DoS attacks work. In those cases, we encourage you to run your own RPC endpoint on your own replica of Bobabase. We have prepared Docker images for you, so this should only take a few minutes. To access these images:
  • clone the boba_base repo
  • switch to alt-l1 branch.
  • Add .env in boba-node folder
$ docker compose -f docker-compose-bobabase.yml pull
$ docker compose -f docker-compose-bobabase.yml up
The DTL will first sync with the chain. During the sync, you will see the DTL and Replica gradually catch up with the Boba L2. This can take several minutes to several hours, depending on which chain you are replicating.

Bobabase Addresses

For primary contracts and addresses see packages/contracts/deployments/bobabase/
For secondary addresses, such as L2 Tokens and Messengers, please see the Bobabase address registration dump.

Bobabeam L2 (1294) for the Moonbeam L1 (1284)

Bobabeam Addresses (tbd)

For primary contracts and addresses see packages/contracts/deployments/bobabeam/
For secondary addresses, such as L2 Tokens and Messengers, please see the Bobabeam address registration dump.
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Write RPC