xDomain Transaction Status

How to monitor cross-domain transaction status

There are 4 different mechanisms for following the status of a transaction. In addition to using the Boba Blockexplorer (for L2) and Etherscan (for L1), you can use:

  1. Third-party analytics

  2. A typescript messenger

  3. The Boba watcher-api

Some teams prefer to use providers such as The Graph, which is available on Boba. Please see The Graph on Boba for more information.

Internally in all the services and also in the gateway, the status of transactions is monitored through a messenger. Here is an example for how that is done.

  import {
  } from '@eth-optimism/sdk'

  const messenger = new CrossChainMessenger({
    l1SignerOrProvider: l1Wallet,
    l2SignerOrProvider: l2Wallet,
    l1ChainId: network.chainId,
    fastRelayer: false,

    '{tag:other} should withdraw tokens from L2 to the depositor',
    async () => {
      const tx = await emessenger.withdrawERC20(

      await messenger.waitForMessageStatus(

      await messenger.waitForMessageReceipt(tx)

      expect(await L1__ERC20.balanceOf(env.l1Wallet.address)).to.deep.equal(
      expect(await L2__ERC20.balanceOf(env.l2Wallet.address)).to.deep.equal(

The system is documented here. For example, to get L2 transactions between two blocks, use get.l2.transactions:


Request Body

  address: "ACCOUNT",
  from: "NUMBER",
  to: "NUMBER"

Response Body

    blockNumber: "BLOCK_NUMBER",
    from: "FROM_ACCOUNT",
    to: "TO_ACCOUNT",
    timestamp: "BLOCK_TIMESTAMP",
    exitL2: "EXIT_L2", // True or False
    crossDomainMessage: {
      crossDomainMessage: "CROSS_DOMAIN_MESSAGE", // whether the transaction sent cross domain message
      crossDomainMessageFinalize: "CROSS_DOMAIN_MESSAGE_FINALIZED", // whether the cross domain message is finalized on L1
      crossDomainMessageSendTime: "CROSS_DOMAIN_MESSAGE_FINALIZED_TIME", // when the cross domain message is finalized
      crossDomainMessageEstimateFinalizedTime: "ESTIMATE_CROSS_DOMAIN_MESSAGE_FINALIZED_TIME",
      fast: "FAST_RELAY", // Whether the message is using the fast message relayer
      l1Hash: "L1_HASH",  // L1 hash of the cross domain message
      l1BlockNumber: "L1_BLOCK_NUMBER",
      l1BlockHash: "L1_BLOCK_HASH",
      l1From: "L1_FROM",
      l1To: "L1_TO"
    stateRoot: {
      stateRootHash: "L1_STATE_ROOT_HASH",
      stateRootBlockNumber: "L1_STATE_ROOT_BLOCK_NUMBER",
      stateRootBlockHash: "L1_STATE_ROOT_BLOCK_HASH",
      stateRootBlockTimestamp: "L1_STATE_ROOT_BLOCK_TIMESTAMP"
    action: {
      sender: "EXIT_SENDER", // The address of L2 token sender
      to: "EXIT_RECEIVER", // The address of L1 token receiver
      token: "EXIT_TOKEN", // L2 token address
      amount: "EXIT_AMOUNT", // L2 exit amount, which doesn't consider fee
      receive: "EXIT_RECEIVE", // L1 received amount
      feeRate: "EXIT_FEE",
      relay: "FAST_RELAY",
      status: "STATUS" // pending || succeeded || reverted

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