Boba Network
Introduction to the Boba Network OVM
!!! Important Update !!! Boba Network implemented OVM 2.0 on Oct. 28th 2021, therefore no more custom changes are needed for L1 contracts to be deployed to Boba. No more code re-factoring is required to migrate to Boba Network with OVM 2.0
Boba Network is an Optimistic Rollup that combines the great open source work done by Optimism with the research and development effort of the Enya & Boba team on swap-based onramp, fast exit and cross-chain bridging. We chose to build on Optimism because it is essentially a modified version of Ethereum, which makes it relatively easy to ensure EVM and Solidity compatibility, minimizing the efforts required to migrate smart contracts from L1 to L2.
Boba is maintained by the Enya team.
Our documentation is a work in progress. If you have questions or feel like something is missing check out our Discord server where we are actively responding, or open an issue in the GitHub repo for this site.

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