Run a Node With Docker

This tutorial will walk you through the process of using Docker to run an BOBA Sepolia node, OP Mainnet node and OP Sepolia node. You can find all Docker Compose files here.



Clone the boba repository to get started

git clone
cd boba
cd boba-community


Configuration for the docker-compose is handled through environment variables inside of an .env file.

Create an .env file

The repository includes a sample environment variable file located at .env.example that you can copy and modify to get started. Make a copy of this file and name it .env.

cp .env.example .env

Configure the .env file

Open the .env in your directory and set the variables inside. Read the descriptions of each variable to understand what they do and how to set them. Read the software release page to set the correct version.

DB Configuration

Download Snapshots

You can download the database snapshot for the client and network you wish to run.

Always verify snapshots by comparing the sha256sum of the downloaded file to the sha256sum listed on this page. Check the sha256sum of the downloaded file by running sha256sum <filename>in a terminal.

  • BOBA Mainnet

    The erigon db can be downloaded from the boba mainnet erigon db.

    curl -o boba-mainnet-erigon-db-1149019.tgz -sL

    The geth db can be downloaded from boba mainnet geth db.

    curl -o boba-mainnet-geth-db-114909.tgz -sL
  • BOBA Sepolia

    The erigon db can be downloaded from the boba sepolia erigon db.

    curl -o boba-sepolia-erigon-db.tgz -sL

    The geth db can be downloaded from boba sepolia geth db.

    curl -o boba-sepolia-geth-db.tgz -sL
  • OP Mainnet

    The erigon db can be downloaded from Test in Prod OP Mainnet.

  • OP Sepolia

    The erigon db can be downloaded from optimism sepolia erigon db.

    Or you can download the genesis file from Optimsim and initialize the data directory with it.

    curl -o op-sepolia-genesis.json -sL
    erigon init --datadir=/db genesis.json

    The erigon can be built from the source using make erigon .

Extract Snapshots

Once you've downloaded the database snapshot, you'll need to extract it to a directory on your machine. This will take some time to complete.

tar xvf data.tgz

Create a Shared Secret (JWT Token)

openssl rand -hex 32 > jwt-secret.txt

Modify Volume Location

The volumes of l2 and op-node should be modified to your file locations.

    - ./jwt-secret.txt:/config/jwt-secret.txt
    - DATA_DIR:/db
  	- ./jwt-secret.txt:/config/jwt-secret.txt

Run the Node

Once you've configured your .env file, you can run the node using Docker Compose. The following command will start the node in the background.

docker-compose -f [docker-compose-file] up -d

Optional: Run the Node with Geth

We support both geth and erigon as the execution engines for Boba Mainnet node. You can start the node with geth using the following command:

docker-compose -f docker-compose-mainnet-geth.yml up -d

Operating the Node


docker-compose -f [docker-compose-file] up -d

Will start the node in a detatched shell (-d), meaning the node will continue to run in the background.

View Logs

docker-compose logs -f --tail 10

To view logs of all containers.

docker-compose logs <CONTAINER_NAME> -f --tail 10


docker-compose -f [docker-compose-file] down


docker-compose -f [docker-compose-file] down -v

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