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Contracts Registration

This spins up the entire stack, with all contracts deployed, and all the right things needed for the wallet to function, and for development work on the wallet.
$ cd ops
$ ./
Note - please provide syntax for setting the .env variables (BUILD: 1, DAEMON: 1)
To get the contract addresses for the basic stack, and the BOBA-specific contracts:
curl | jq #basic stack
curl | jq #BOBA-specific contracts
Spin up the base local L1/L2:
$ cd ops
$ docker-compose up -V
Create a .env file in the root directory of the contracts folder. Add environment-specific variables on new lines in the form of NAME=VALUE. Examples are given in the .env.example file. Just pick which net you want to work on and copy either the "Rinkeby" or the "Local" envs to your .env.
# Local
TEST=1 #This deploys the ERC20 test token
Build and deploy all the needed contracts:
$ yarn build
$ yarn deploy
You will now see this, if everything worked correctly:
% yarn deploy
yarn run v1.22.10
$ ts-node "./bin/deploy.ts"
Starting BOBA core contracts deployment...
ADDRESS_MANAGER_ADDRESS was set to 0x5FbDB2315678afecb367f032d93F642f64180aa3
Nothing to compile
🌕 L2LiquidityPool deployed to: 0x7A9Ec1d04904907De0ED7b6839CcdD59c3716AC9
🌕 L1LiquidityPool deployed to: 0xe8D2A1E88c91DCd5433208d4152Cc4F399a7e91d
⭐️ L1 LP initialized: 0x511a3000131b6d3ac16a22d12707dc4121a62c198679300a081cfa9586b32d89
⭐️ L2 LP initialized: 0x0797a3c93960e62a84c59f7f49c91916e430488b08afd38519ef9ac057eabec6
L1 and L2 pools have registered ETH and OETH
🌕 L1ERC20 deployed to: 0x4b6aB5F819A515382B0dEB6935D793817bB4af28
🌕 L2ERC20 deployed to: 0x86A2EE8FAf9A840F7a2c64CA3d51209F9A02081D
🌕 L2TokenPool deployed to: 0xA4899D35897033b927acFCf422bc745916139776
⭐️ L2TokenPool registered: 0x43f4d7adec84555ef5548adf41a75c8bdf45798a993cf4d5e42e2b31ab140d01
🌕 L1_CrossDomainMessenger_Fast deployed to: 0xCace1b78160AE76398F486c8a18044da0d66d86D
⭐️ Fast L1 Messager initialized: 0x6480f00ca7f65d207bbbf4831074a71fb7ca4b6d999aeb78fbb5fb3841938362
⭐️ Fast L1 Messager initialized: 0xc44a3f18a3e6c10ceb6da3cebd4b23ee491ef6947ab3bf05574260e3c7f8c206
🌕 AtomicSwap deployed to: 0xAA292E8611aDF267e563f334Ee42320aC96D0463
🌕 L1 Message deployed to: 0xc0F115A19107322cFBf1cDBC7ea011C19EbDB4F8
🌕 L2 Message deployed to: 0x5c74c94173F05dA1720953407cbb920F3DF9f887
⭐️ L1 Message initialized: 0x37fbbe3ef0ed3f1f4ae6c94fcd1f1825ea6c425091b038c4d4541c8760ea2c53
⭐️ L2 Message initialized: 0xa736724e36f8098f70f737ac0c643490732a9ff350bd0fc9629a6face73178a8
✨ Done in 10.84s.
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