Custom Relayer

Learn more about manually relaying messages from L2 to L1

The boba relayer provides a simple interface for relaying messages from L2 to L1. The relayer is a simple node.js application that can be run locally. The relayer is designed to be used with the Boba Bridge and Boba Light Bridge but can be used with any L2 contract that sends a message to L1.

The boba relayer can be found in the boba repo.

To use the relayer you will need to have a node.js environment setup. You can find instructions on how to do that here.

Once you have node.js installed you can clone the boba repo and install the relayer dependencies.

git clone
cd boba_community/boba-relayer
npm install

The relayer requires a few environment variables to be set. You can find a list of the required environment variables in the .env.example

cp .env.example .env
vim .env

Once you have the environment variables set you can start the relayer.

npm start

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