Contracts Registration

1. Automatic contract deployment and serving

This spins up the entire stack, with all contracts deployed, and all the right things needed for the wallet to function, and for development work on the wallet.
$ cd ops
$ ./
Note - please provide syntax for setting the .env variables (BUILD: 1, DAEMON: 1)
To get the contract addresses for the basic stack, and the BOBA-specific contracts:
curl | jq #basic stack
curl | jq #BOBA-specific contracts

2. Manual Deployment and Testing

Spin up the base local L1/L2:
$ cd ops
$ docker-compose up -V
Create a .env file in the root directory of the contracts folder. Add environment-specific variables on new lines in the form of NAME=VALUE. Examples are given in the .env.example file. Just pick which net you want to work on and copy either the "Rinkeby" or the "Local" envs to your .env.
# Local
TEST=1 #This deploys the ERC20 test token
Build and deploy all the needed contracts:
$ yarn build
$ yarn deploy
You will now see this, if everything worked correctly:
% yarn deploy
yarn run v1.22.10
$ ts-node "./bin/deploy.ts"
Starting BOBA core contracts deployment...
ADDRESS_MANAGER_ADDRESS was set to 0x5FbDB2315678afecb367f032d93F642f64180aa3
Nothing to compile
πŸŒ• L2LiquidityPool deployed to: 0x7A9Ec1d04904907De0ED7b6839CcdD59c3716AC9
πŸŒ• L1LiquidityPool deployed to: 0xe8D2A1E88c91DCd5433208d4152Cc4F399a7e91d
⭐️ L1 LP initialized: 0x511a3000131b6d3ac16a22d12707dc4121a62c198679300a081cfa9586b32d89
⭐️ L2 LP initialized: 0x0797a3c93960e62a84c59f7f49c91916e430488b08afd38519ef9ac057eabec6
L1 and L2 pools have registered ETH and OETH
πŸŒ• L1ERC20 deployed to: 0x4b6aB5F819A515382B0dEB6935D793817bB4af28
πŸŒ• L2ERC20 deployed to: 0x86A2EE8FAf9A840F7a2c64CA3d51209F9A02081D
πŸŒ• L2TokenPool deployed to: 0xA4899D35897033b927acFCf422bc745916139776
⭐️ L2TokenPool registered: 0x43f4d7adec84555ef5548adf41a75c8bdf45798a993cf4d5e42e2b31ab140d01
πŸŒ• L1_CrossDomainMessenger_Fast deployed to: 0xCace1b78160AE76398F486c8a18044da0d66d86D
⭐️ Fast L1 Messager initialized: 0x6480f00ca7f65d207bbbf4831074a71fb7ca4b6d999aeb78fbb5fb3841938362
⭐️ Fast L1 Messager initialized: 0xc44a3f18a3e6c10ceb6da3cebd4b23ee491ef6947ab3bf05574260e3c7f8c206
πŸŒ• AtomicSwap deployed to: 0xAA292E8611aDF267e563f334Ee42320aC96D0463
πŸŒ• L1 Message deployed to: 0xc0F115A19107322cFBf1cDBC7ea011C19EbDB4F8
πŸŒ• L2 Message deployed to: 0x5c74c94173F05dA1720953407cbb920F3DF9f887
⭐️ L1 Message initialized: 0x37fbbe3ef0ed3f1f4ae6c94fcd1f1825ea6c425091b038c4d4541c8760ea2c53
⭐️ L2 Message initialized: 0xa736724e36f8098f70f737ac0c643490732a9ff350bd0fc9629a6face73178a8
✨ Done in 10.84s.