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How to format documentation correctly
Our goal is to have a single .md file display well in both GitBook and GitHub. To that end, we have to be careful about how we do things in the .md file.

Crazy GitBook things

GitBook disregards the top level header (# Title) in the .md file and instead will give that page the title defined in the file that determines the GitBook table of contents and file menu. In general, top level headers are not that critical, so best leave them out of the .md file unless you want pages in GitBook to have 2 different titles at the top.

Table of Contents

The GitBook TOC and navigation, including order, is completely defined by the file. White space matters! To add a new entry to the TOC, add it to the file.


For all .md files, please a description header to the file:
description: How to format documentation correctly
# My Great Title <- do not do this unless you know what you are doing
## Introduction
Note that the header must be right at the top of the file to work.
In general, please use 'full' paths to various files, like this:
Note the use of ../../ - this is shorthand for the repo root, and will, remarkably, work both in GitBook and GitHub. You can also use relative links, such as ./boba-straw/ but they will obviously break when the parent file is moved.
Strange behavior. There is no good way to provide a link to a folder. Please note that GitBook will auto-add / to paths. So, for example, GitBook will autocomplete this path ../../boba_examples/boba-straw to ../../boba_examples/boba-straw/, which is great if that file actually exists but otherwise will give you a 404 error (which is not great).
Strange behavior. Note that /../../ is completely different than ../../. The first one will not work universally, but ../../ will so please use that.


Generally, all images for the documentation live in ./boba_documentation/.gitbook/assets. To show an image in a documentation file, access it like this:
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